The Constitutional powers and functions of the Attorney- General in Article 87 of the Namibian Constitution are performed through the Office of the Prosecutor- General, Office of the Government Attorney and the Directorate Legal Advice.


Government Attorney

The Key role is to represent the State, the Government (Offices, Agencies and Ministries) in civil and labour matters and officials in criminal cases.

The functions of the Office are to:
  1. Act on behalf of Government and Government officials in:
    • Criminal matters
    • Labour matters and
    • Civil matters.
  2. Provide the following services to the Government:
    • Conveyancing
    • Debt collection
    • Render Legal Advice concerning the aforesaid.


Directorate Legal Advice

The key role is to assist the Attorney-General in being the principle legal advisor to the President and Government.

The function of the Directorate is to assist the Attorney-General:
  1. to provide legal advice and opinions to the President and Government;
  2. to represent the Government on National and International Forums;
  3. to scrutinize Bills and Proclamations before tabling in Parliament;
  4. to act as negotiators and representatives on National and International Forums;
  5. in commissions of inquiry and disciplinary hearings at O/M/A’s.


Office of the Prosecutor-General

The key role is to prosecute and defend appeals in criminal proceedings in the High Court and the Supreme Court in the Name of the State

The function of the Office:
  1. to prosecute, subject to the provisions of this Constitution, in the name of the Republic of Namibia in criminal proceedings;
  2. to prosecute and defend appeals in criminal proceedings in the High Court and the Supreme Court;
  3. to perform all functions relating to the exercise of such powers;
  4. to delegate to other officials, subject to his or her control and direction, authority to conduct criminal proceedings in any Court;
  5. to perform all such other functions as may be assigned to him or her in terms of any other law.

Hon. Sakeus E.T. Shanghala, Member of Parliament (MP) Attorney-General


News Feed
  • Attorney-General visit to Singapore
    During January 2016, the Attorney-General of the Republic of Namibia, Hon. Sakeus Shanghala, MP met with the Attorney-General of Singapore, Hon. V.K. Rajah, SC in order to benchmark offices. The meeting marks the start of a prosperous professional relationship between the two offices. It has resulted in possible exchange and training programs; idea sharing regarding the creation and implementation of legislation; and information about the latest innovation in legal technology."
  • A-G partners with NASFAF
    The Office of the Attorney-General concluded a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the NASFAF. The partnership will enable both organisations to co-fund Students’ Post Graduate Education in specialist Law Programmes in Cyber law, Human Rights, International law, Labour Relations, Business and Corporate law. The partnership is in line with the Attorney General’s Office funding needs & designed criteria, and in accordance with time-frames required by the applicable Institution of Higher Learning. Applicants must be staff members of the Office of the Attorney General.
  • A-G meets Society of Advocates
    The Attorney General had lunch with the members of the Council of Society of Advocate in February 2016. The purpose of the lunch was to foster a good working relationship with the members of the Bar with a view to improve the delivery of quality legal services, strengthen our collective effort to the rule of law and justice for all. This will assist our legal institutions.
Launch of Frequently Asked Legal Questions Vol 2
Date: 04 April 2016
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Government Attorney Handbook
Date: 04 April 2016
Time: 17:30
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